Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments/ Decorations

Hello my wacky, hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

Have you noticed?!!! Have you really?!! Christmas is almost here, my polymer clay order hasn't arrived yet and to be honest I'm quite crossed about it, plus I need the Styrofoam to make the Christmas wreath for my little girls school, I'm meant to do it has a raffle prise... but still haven't received all the materials; hopefully it will arrive before the 14th and there wont be any problem, fingers crossed .

Now because we're in a society where we consume more than ever before I'll try to help the environment and have fun at the same time... so, what 're you going to do you say.... well today me and the girls are going to cut some card out of the delivery boxes we get on our mail with some christmassy shapes, make a hole in it to pass the ribbon for hanging, cover it with pva glue and some sparkling glitter (oh how I love it , it makes everything look even better + its not that expensive).

 So here's some pictures for you to please your eyes:

Now for this one here, it doesn't have glitter has you can see, but how cool is that?!! It's a Christmas tree made out of an old magazine.

Cooooollll right here's the link if you'ld like to have a go at it:

" come on my wackys you surely know what I'm going to tell you don't you?!!! Yeah that's it ... Lets roll up our sleeves and lets get crafting"

See you soon   xoxoxoxoxox

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