Monday, 4 July 2011

MACM - Friend Card with Envelope

Hello everyone the other day when searching on the internet, so I would feel inspired I decided to look for handmade card making tutorials, I must say I love this girl, her imagination, inspiration and all there is is amazing ,I absolutely love it and was gobsmacked with the lovely designs and cards she makes, it makes me wish To make them as well.... well done you!!! I decided to share this with you cause I loved it so much that I think you will to...

Now because today is a sunny and warm day I would advise you to enjoy this lovely weather go to the beach; why not make a picnic with the little ones, enjoy yourself and leave the housework to a rainy day enjoy your kids while their little ... they grow up so fast I already miss mine when they were babies and I would just hold them in my arms and cuddle them or put them to sleep.... awww....

well see you all soon, I have a lot more wonderful tutorials from wonderful people To post so keep tuned :)

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