Tuesday, 26 July 2011

orange and lemon sorbet

Heeelllloooo Crafty's...

Boy today was one hot day here in plymouth UK, and believe me when I say that hot weather down here is hard to come, but finally God decided to look to this corner of the world and decided that the poor things "us" deserved a little bit of warmth after all =) yeihhh
 I took this recipe out of the BBC website but jazzed it up a little bit the reviewers said it was to sweet so I changed a couple of things.

So here it goes, my jazzy orange and lemon sorbet
200g of caster sugar
250ml water
juice of 4 oranges
zest of 2 oranges
juice of half a lemon
zest of half lemon

put the sugar and water on a pan and take to the boil stirring occasionally, remove it from the heat has soon has the sugar is dissolved let it cool down completely. Now get your Ice cream machine bowl out of the freezer and set up has instructed by the manufacturer pour the juices and zest into it with the machine turned on and slowly add the syrup made with the sugar and the water... VOILA!!! The machine does all the work , turn the machine off has soon has it gets to the desired consistency.

you could also freeze in a container, stirring once or twice, instead of using the ice cream machine.

There you have it hope you lot like it has much has we did.

See you soon xoxoxoxoxox

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