Monday, 11 July 2011

How Do You Make A Zippered Coin Purse

Hello everyone, today is a lovely day outside and I'm still deciding on what to do today with the girls, yesterday was a painting day so we just grabbed the pencils and the coloring books and tada!!! They really love painting, now.. today I may go for a walk with them to the marina or something like that and maayyybeee a singing competition at home XD and the winner gets loads of cuddles yeiiiihhh, what do you think? Meanwhile to keep you crafty wackys busy here's how to make a zippered purse coin, we all have those pennies hanging around here and there, just put them all inside here and when the purse is full take it to the supermarket where usually are those machines that exchange the coins for a money voucher at a small fee, why not go straight in to the supermarket after that  and buy a little something for you or your loved ones :)... OK time to go now...

See you soon my wackys XD

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