Friday, 29 July 2011

Girlies Hair Clips

Hello craftys, today I fell out of the bed has you can see it was 7am and I was already awake that not to say that the walls in this flat seem more like cardboard, cause I was able to hear my neighbours "all night long" just like in that song.... thank God it didn't last longer than 20min. =)
Anyway... I recently bought a book about Ribbon it explains how to make flowers, bows, ribbon embroidery etc. its a cool book and it has step by step pictures which helps any inexperienced person, or beginner like me.
 I took the examples that they used on how to make a ribbon flower that was attached to a Thank You card.

If you intend to do this hair clips like me you'll need:
1 yard of ribbon of your choice
Glue gun
French Clip

You need to cut 4x 15 cm strips and lay them like a star  each one centered on each other, you'll have a 8 point star, now you bring one of those points to the center and sew it in place, do the same with the rest of them, after that's done choose a button for the center piece and prepare your glue gun, glue the button into the center; To attach it to the clip glue some of the excess ribbon onto it and after it cooled down center the flower onto the clip and use the hot glue once again :)
Hope you all like it, now roll up your sleeves and start making hair clips today!!!

see you soon xoxoxooxxo!!!

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